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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

fleeting February

Hi Everyone.  I wanted to share these photos I took on the early morning of February 15.  The sunrise was spectacular and turned the sky to pretty pink and mauve along with the, there was a beautiful hoar frost coating everything.  It was a cold morning so I took these photos from inside.

I took this photo with my cell phone on Feb. 16 which promised a lovely sunny day but turned out to be cloudy.  We've had some really great sunrises this month.

A 'black cap' sitting on a black cap (hat).  😀

A male Downy Woodpecker.

We've had some milder weather the past few days and yesterday, although just 1C, was gorgeous with the sunshine.  The warmth of the sun is melting the snow down and making it shine under it's rays.

Melting snow along the road has made a long puddle reflecting the blue sky.

We are getting some snow melt and with above freezing temps the rest of the week and rain on the weekend, our snow will go down a bit more.  The roads are terrible with frost heaves, cracks and pot holes.....and watch out for those huge puddles hiding potholes under them!  Lots of vehicles are being damaged after hitting potholes or rough pavement.  One has to drive a lot slower than normal.  Do you have that problem where you live?

Well, that's it from here today.  A boring life these winter days and not much going on.  I've had issues with my left knee and hip the past couple of weeks and have difficulty walking up and down stairs. 😟  Needless to say snowshoeing is off the books for now.

I think I need some retail therapy.  Haha.  Hopefully I can walk the mall!  I might also need a holiday or even a weekend away.  Maybe in March.   What have you been up to?  Are you going 'south' this winter or abroad or just to the next town?  Are the winter doldrums getting to you too?

Hang in there.  The weather will soon change for the better (I know many of you are seeing spring blossoms blooming already!) and spring is officially just a month away.  

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Have a great day!



  1. Really spectacular shots, Pam. It's mainly dull over here - a very mild winter indeed. Hope the knee's better soon - it's probably the cold!

  2. Beautiful photo's of the sunrise/

  3. this Floridian couldn't look. Too cold. (just k i d d i n g)

    Lovely, if you like the cold :)

  4. Wow, gorgeous as always!! I am missing winter here as we have had the warmest one ever. Sigh. Hope that you are feeling better too!!

  5. That's a pretty amazing photo, with the glazed look of the snow and sun beating down on it. I hope your knee is just a temporary thing!

  6. Stunning sunrise captures Pamela!
    Snow everywhere I can imagine how cabin fever must set in - that happens here in winter too, but from continuous rain.
    It's definitely time for you to have a break but I imagine you worry about your roof coping with
    Another snow storm and you're not there to clear it away.
    I recognised that tree in one of your photos - beautiful bones!
    Nice to catch up after so long!

  7. What lovely early morning photos Pam. Such beautiful skies! Haven't the milder temps the last few days been wonderful? The snow is definitely going down a bit. Let's hope those last few storms were the last. Could we be that lucky? Love the little chickadee sitting on your snowman! Hope your knee and hip are feeling better!

  8. My kind of weather! Beautiful shots!

  9. Beautiful! I've been disappointed with our utter lack of snow this winter for photography purposes, but I certainly am not missing it from a driving stand point.

  10. Wonderful sunrise images, Pamela. That soft pink in the sky is so lovely. Winter can get long, but it will end soon (sooner for us than for you). It's hard to wait sometimes. I hope your knee feels better soon.

  11. After several weeks of not being able to drive, I'm just emjoying being out and about, chasing waterfall pictures just now.

  12. Yes, I was in pot hole hell for two hours today...terrible! And I did hit one of those water-filled pot holes...hope that the car is okay.

    Beautiful series of photos...the colors would make beautiful afghans. If I am having trouble coming up with color combinations, I'll come visit you!

  13. Lovely cooling photos very appealing after the summer we have had.

  14. Beautiful skies Pam, and that bird is too cute!! Winter is back here today. Hubby and I are heading out of town. A little south for warmer weather. :)

  15. Now I know what a lavender sky looks like. Stunning.

  16. We've had a Downy woodpecker on our feeder off and on all day today. He's not one of our regulars so he was fun to see! Love the black cap you saw too.'s not cold here so I can't complain. Hope that sun shines for you this weekend! Hugs, Diane

  17. I like the pink tinged photos Pam and after capturing some awesome sunsets in Florida, I wish I could do the same at home.

  18. Lovely shots and such stunning skies!

  19. Wow! Love the sunrise photos, you get a beautiful clear view of the sky. My view is very limited through trees and houses. The snowman looks a bit surprised to feel the chickadee on his head. I didn't realize those frozen hearts you made were so large! They look great even now. Love the shot of the single tree with the tracks up to it. My grandfather called single trees in fields "Leprechaun trees" as that's where they hid ;) Spring has suddenly arrived out our way, and the birds seem happiest for it. Today has a cold wind and rain. Our roads heave a lot through the winter too, and then the snowplows dig into the pavement creating a mess on the highways that take repair crews most of the summer to fill the holes and gaps. Some years are worse than others. Enjoy your weekend Pam!

  20. Gorgeous photos. Hope your knee and hip are feeling better. We've had some lovely weather melting away most of the snow. Hope it is heading down your way.

  21. Wonderful sky, snow, melting, pink sky pics . . .
    Wish we had had some snow like you.
    Makes me wonder about what summer might bring.
    We had a snow dusting early this morning after
    days and days of springtime.

  22. love the early morning sky so pretty. You have a lot of snow there, hope it goes away soon.

  23. These are such beautiful are so lucky, although Winter can sometimes feel so long. Someday, I'd like to take pictures before the dogs and I set foot in it...LOL!...:)JP

  24. I'm sorry to hear about your knee and hip, and hope that they will get better soon. We need our legs so very much. Please be careful.
    Yes, we do have potholes, lots and lots of them. Some roads are downright dangerous. Last week I saw them re-paving a completely smooth road through a well-to-do neighborhood. Priorities...

  25. Such pretty scenes, Pam. I'm sure the sunshine is so welcome on these cold winter days. We have had so much rain....almost a record breaker - 7 inches in one month. Now it is spitting snow - not quite cold enough to accumulate, but miserable just the same. Our roads are full of potholes - we weave around them - dangerously at times. Ah, winter......I'm sorry about your hip and knee. I have a bad shoulder and can't lie on it, so now my hip hurts on the opposite side from lying on that side all the time. I have so many pillows propped under and around me - haha! My Mom always said, 'getting older is not for sissies'. Hope you get some relief. Sending hugs xo Karen

  26. Oh so beautiful! Some lovely winter pictures from you...
    Have a happy day, take care!

  27. Wow Pam!! It really does look cold!!! Love seeing your bird feeder being used!! Hope it warms up for you soon. All your shots are lovely, especially the sunrises on the snow!! Spring is around the corner!

  28. looks so cold, but so so pretty. i love the snow filter through your shots, so so pretty. all those different colors is just heavenly beautiful!! so amazing!! the snow man is too cute!! i wonder if snowmen ever get cold too? happy week!! ( ;

  29. Beautiful wintry photos ~ gorgeous sunrise ones and love the little bird ~ great capture ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

  30. Oh Pam! Your pictures are gorgeous! I love the purple/mauve sunsets/sunrises, so amazing to see! Glad your snow is melting! We are still having winter here, more snow arriving this weekend. However, there is melting going on, but then it turns to ice at night, which is so dangerous. And yes, oh my, the potholes! Awful! We live on a gravel road, so they are pretty horrible. The grader came out last week and it was good for about a week, but now they are back. Hope your knee problems get better, so sorry to hear about that! And hope you find something fun to do to cure the winter doldrums! Hugs to you dear friend :)


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